Săcelu Balneo-Climatic Resort

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Săcelu Balneo-Climateric Resort is a 20-minute drive away

This is due to the appearance and development of mineral waters that come to the surface through faults and the cracks formed in the Săcelu conglomerates.

The tectonic movements at the end of the Tertiary led to the uplift and folding of sediments transported by water from the Parang Mountains, outlining the area of the Subcarpathians and the Getic Piedmont.

The mineral waters of the deposit, the therapeutic mud and the climate of the area were the determining factors of the appearance and development of the resort.

The main ailments that can be treated at Băile Săcelu are:

– diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatic, inflammatory, degenerative diseases,

abarticulation, osteoporosis).

– peripheral neurological disorders (mild paresis, paralysis)

– disorders of the central nervous system

– gynecological diseases

– respiratory disorders

– digestive, hepato-biliary and renal disorders;


Dragi turiști,
în incinta pensiunii
de alimente și băuturi aduse din exterior.

Check in 18.00-22.00
Check out 10.00-11.00

Cu drag,
Pensiunea La Maria.
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