The Women's Cave

Tourist Attractions

At a distance of 11 km from our location, the The Women’s Cave is located in Baia de Fier commune, Gorj County, on the territory of the Getic Depression of Oltenia.

The cave was carved in Mesozoic limestones on the southern edge of the Parâng Massif, by the river Galbenul.

With a very rich history, the cave in ancient times sheltered during the wars, when men went to battle, many children and women, hence its name.

The Women’s Cave is the first electrified cave in Romania, with a length of approximately 3,600 meters arranged on 4 levels.

The lower level is the speleological reservation divided into two sectors: the northern sector with a length of 1,500m and the southern one with a length of 880m.

The Women’s Cave contains original calcareous concretions that give uniqueness, these being the main attractions of the cave.

Here are impressive forms of karst relief such as the Small Basins, the Organ, composed of stalagmites united with stalactites, the Small Dome, a kind of strange castle, the Altar with stalagmites-columns very close together, the Dome of the altar, resembling a cathedral on which the stalagmites high that on a staircase, the pulpit, the hardened waterfall, to which access is made on the slopes, the Turk’s Hall, the Small Chandeliers and the Great Dome.


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