Polovragi Monastery

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Polovragi Monastery, a holy place located in a unique landscape, is located 14 km from our location and we highly recommend you to visit it.

No matter how much you want to look at the Monastery when you pass the beautiful wooden gate, you can’t, because your attention is stolen by the two mountains separated as if by the stream for eternity.

Stream in whose bed the monks once hid the goods of the Monastery when it was plundered by robbers.

Even the name of Polovragi seems to be an undeciphered Dacian cryptogram.

“In the consciousness of the locals there is a living legend that some healers lived here, that the god Zamolxis lived in the Polovragi Cave after the defeat of the Dacians by the Romanians, always mourning the fate of his people.”

The monastery is built in the Byzantine style.

In the immediate vicinity is the Polovragi Cave, which has been administered by the monastery for almost 300 years.

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Icoana Monastery

Another tourist attraction is the Icoana Monastery – located in a picturesque setting at the foot of Mount Parâng in the Oltean Subcarpathian Depression.

 Being a relatively young place and still in development and finalization is little known, but those on pilgrimage will certainly want to visit and worship in this new corner of heaven.


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